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Das neue Update für DayZ Namalsk Island und Namalsk Survival wird heute wie gewohnt um 13.00 Uhr auf den Hardcore Server übertragen. Ab 13.30 sollte der Server wieder verfügbar sein.

Das Update enthält eine große Anzahl von Korrekturen für Gelände/Objekte, CE-Bugfixes und vieles mehr.

Namalsk Survival Updates

Added: Danger warning to APSI when event is at Apex
Added: separate action for Toggling APSI (default Hold: L)
Changed: player character will no longer get wet while moving outside in snowfall
Changed: lowered player character equipment wetting rate while moving outside in blizzard
Changed: further weather handling changes within the event system to hopefully reduce wild weather behaviour
Tweaked: frostbite now uses light blue heat comfort as threshold for a better readability
Tweaked: EVR Storm sounds now fade in over time
Tweaked: Extended EVR storm startup period (9 to 15 minutes)
Tweaked: Rebalanced shock damage (laying down indoors will no longer keep you safe from knockout, just shorten it)
Fixed: sea fishing getting interrupted (thanks to Kuuyo for the fix, will be fixed in 1.11 for vanilla)

Namalsk Island Updates

Added: barrel fireplace into Vorkuta church
Tweaked: lowered main menu music volume
Fixed: gate placement in compound north of Lubjansk area Fixed: brensk bridge train crossing
Fixed: dry toilet placement in Tara sawmill
Fixed: green guard tower placement at BK-T08
Fixed: several deerstands that were non climb-able
Fixed: fire barrel position in Sebjan mine
Fixed: floating stone next to BK-L02
Fixed: camera clipping issues in athena resarch institute side office building stair case
Fixed: camera clipping issues in Athena 2 surface buildings
Fixed: camera clipping on the roof of the Seraja military base main building
Fixed: camera clipping issues in a1 underground
Fixed: it was possible to get stuck next to A1 entrance

Namalsk Server Updates

Added: Garden lime into spawning (leather tanning)
Changed: re-distributed player spawn points more towards north east coast
Changed: Map position files updated to reflect latest version of Namalsk
Changed: Increased number of medical care packages around the map
Tweaked: Lowered ammobox and ammo pile numbers in regular setup
Tweaked: Lowered availability of flaregun ammo
Tweaked: Lowered chances for tools spawn in infected
Tweaked: Moved BK-T12 infected zone around helicrash closer to the actual helicrash
Tweaked: Balanced out availbility of APSI and added restock value
Tweaked: Improvied loot placement in static helicrash sites (hopefully)
Tweaked: Lowered number of land mines
Fixed: Wrong deagle mag type name (magazine was not spawning at all)
Fixed: Loot spawn points in land_Tovarna1 (generic factory building)
Fixed: Loot spawn points in Athena-2 first basement floor (levitating)
Fixed: Levitating loot spawn points in land_nor_hall1 (generic Norinsk factory)
Fixed: Shower loot spawn points in land_budova4 (winter barracks)
Fixed: 1911 typo in spawnable types

Quelle: Discord Namalsk#changelog

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