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Heute spielen wir die neuen Update der DayZ Mods Namalsk Island und Namalsk Survival in unseren Gameserver. Der Server wird zwischen ca. 17.30 und 18.15 offline sein. Danach könnt Ihr wieder wie gewohnt dem Server beitreten:

[DE] Moscherland Namalsk (vanilla) Hardcore (TPP)

Update Änderungen:

Tweaked: reduced megaphone and fabric numbers
Tweaked: lowered food availability in hardcore and regular
Tweaked: lowered M4A1 muzzle attachment chance
Changed: adjusted default day and night acceleration (on average 2 hour day, 50 minute night)
Fixed: SKAT-12 submarine loot placement (hopefully final fix)
Removed: tire repair kit (hardcore)
Changed: falling snow is now during EVR Storm
Changed: Adjusted knockout threshold to reward being safer during the storm
Changed: Wearing an APSI during the EVR storm will no longer knock you out
Changed: Being under trees will no longer give you the safety buff against EVR storms
Tweaked: increased heat insulation of Gorka/Yeger/Sumrak jacket, pants and hood
Tweaked: increased strength of cold resistance soft skill (the longer you stay alive, the better heat comfort bonus it gives)
Tweaked: slightly increase chance of catching a fish with just hook (no bait is the only fishing method on Namalsk)
Tweaked: fireplaces wont get wet during snowfall event
Tweaked: adjusted Czech description of freezing
Fixed: German translation of Sumrak jacket
Fixed: dzn_Pot was not properly functioning as a cooking equipment
Fixed: holding animation of lore paper files
Fixed: some items could get freezing badge even though they should not
Fixed: DRENCHED wetness state was not localized (tooltip/inspect inventory window)
Fixed: fishing could yield wrong type of cooking pot (now drops dzn_Pot)
Fixed: several bugs causing Client / Server crashes in some circumstances with EVR storms
Fixed: issues with clients desyncing with visual effects during EVR storms
Fixed: bug that would cause APSI hud to get stuck on your screen when logging back in
Fixed: bug that was causing vfx to remain on screen after EVR storm was complete
Fixed: bug that was causing sound effects to remain after EVR storm was complete
Fixed: NVG’s having no colorization after EVR storms
Fixed: Staying in bunkers will keep you much safer from the EVR Storms

Quelle: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/2289461232

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