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Heute gibt es wieder ein Update für vanilla Namalsk Survival Server. Das Moscherland wird heute ab 13.00 Uhr ca. 1 Stunde nicht erreichbar sein.

Tweaked: lowered availability of ghillies in both regular and hardcore setup
Tweaked: lowered avaibility of NVGs in both regular and hardcore setup (had 30% chance to appear on helmet or headset)
Removed: sparkplug drop from infected on hardcore setup

Tweaked: Final blowout wave now sets stamina to zero, regardless of status
Tweaked: Sky turns red instead of black at beginning of storm
Tweaked: same event wont happen twice in a row
Fixed: event manager to returning weather into appropriate state (causing often weird weather states)
Fixed: APSI hud getting stuck and overlaying itself
Fixed: bug that would cause Vignette to be stuck with APSI enabled during the end of the storm
Fixed: bug that would cause you to be damaged when safe indoors
Fixed: bug that would occasionally cause server and client crashes in poor conditions (low FPS)

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